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From a little common sense:
The exclusion of products resulting from the suffering or degradation of living beings, plants, land, water flows and populations.
A purely plant-based kitchen. Exceptions exist and are based on common sense and careful case by case analysis of bodily needs and the need to convey and support the healing process with the use of a particular animal-derived food. Examples of exceptional uses of animal-derived medicines can be animal bone broth or honey-propolis after a period of hospitalization from a disease or to restore tissue and organs to balance.
The use of vegetable fats in respect of their organoleptic properties, through the exclusion of direct fried and degenerated oils or rancid from incorrect cooking.
the choice of the most suitable cooking techniques for the season and your body type.
The inclusion in the meal of all six flavors (sweet, salty, bitter, acidic, astringent, pungent) necessary for taste and nutritional balance through the use of spices and fresh herbs.
the exclusion of GMO products, altered, polluted, handled, impoverished or of doubtful eco-sustainability and ethics.

The use of raw materials that have not undergone alterations or manipulations of any kind, which have not started the cold chain but are served by maintaining the nutritional properties of which the energy before (the sun) has equipped them.
The use of ancient and modern processes and cooking techniques that guarantee throughout the entire process, from collection to consumption, the preservation of the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the raw materials.
The Mediterranean fusion of macrobiotic and Ayurvedic teachings for a free, healty and tasteful diet.
meals and food combinations designed to eliminate the accumulation of waste and toxicity from the body, to then be able to free the mind and the spirit.
Eat again flavors buried in memory. The savory and saline tomato, of a sweet and warm pulp, capable of filling the five corners of the mouth with different flavors and textures. Give each product of the earth the unique flavor that only a fruit harvested, cleaned, cooked and served with the necessary love is able to give.

“The food should always be fresh and of the best possible quality, tasty and pleasing to the eye.
The food prepared by a calm and serene cook, in a pleasant environment will have the best influence.
Eat in a peaceful and joyful state of mind while still sitting comfortably.
During meals do not work, discuss or argue and avoid eating if you are agitated “
They are all very simple concepts and easy to share, yet …