to flavor

Hence the need to create, through ancient and modern knowledges of macrobiotics, ayurvedic detox cuisine and mediterranean culinary traditions, menus capable of balancing the five elements of energetic manifestation.


mind and body

My aim is to dismantle an obsolete and totally wrong approach to nutrition, proposing detox dishes with intriguing tastes, explaining and describing the desired effects for a deep and durable nutritional comprehension.


Please take a seat

Erika Tangari invites you to take a seat at her table to experience an irreversible switch in your connection with food.
What she will put on the circle, the plate, has a repercussions on the big circle, our earth!
You are invited to enjoy and feel the difference between where you have been food wise and this, to share it together and to be part of the big change that is now!

Zucchini rose

Zucchini rose steamed with peppermint, yucca bread, home made...


Carob crumble

The throat is one of the seven deadly sins,...


The perfect morning combo

Aactivated Chia, probiotic almond yogurt, sun dried spirulina, goji...


From sa Talaia to Cala D’hort

marinated oyster mushroom, fermented radishes and carrots, bergamot avocado...


Our alimentary canal, our inner channel, our earth-sky alignment is daily gone through by wastes, toxins, drugs and poisons, poor or poorly cooked food. How could one be surprised by contemporary society, if our kundalini channel, our bridge to perception and alignment, is by now reduced to a rubbish dump?
It's time to listen once again to ourselves, it's time to make our temple, the body, sacred... and if we treat it well it lasts for a lifetime.

Erika Tangari
A revolutionary chef


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