The psychology behind nutrition

Modern man is constantly searching for the lost balance. The word “balance” has in itself the meaning of constance, softness and, as the name suggests, balancing of imbalances. Imbalances can be by excess or deficiency. In nutrition these imbalances become diseases with the accumulation in time of bad habits and incorrect life style. In other words, the body starts asking (addictions) or refusing (malabsorption) nutrients needed for a healthy body and spirit. A healthy body, a lucid mind, a steady spirit are the features of a receptive and aware human being, capable of discerning and then choosing what fits most herself or himself.

In order for our body to properly communicate its needs or for our rational part to be able to select the right nutrition for the whole body-mind system, we happen today to need to reeducate our nutritional intelligence. A diet which is right for everyone doesn’t exist, but the right diet for each individual does exist and the body communicates it when it’s balanced and thus toxin-free. The point is then to lead the body to once again feel, perceive, choose on its own, free from any nutritional influence or distortion.

Hence the need to create, through ancient and modern knowledges of macrobiotics, ayurvedic detox cuisine and mediterranean culinary traditions, menus capable of balancing the five elements of energetic manifestation.

The theory of the Five Energetic Movements of Chinese Medicine rises from a system of a correspondences which through the ocservation of nature allows us to connect parts of us even when they are very far from each other and apparently unrelated. And is through the comprehension of the different qualities of energy that one create a balance and detoxifying diet.
My aim is then to clean the body from the accumulated excesses and to free by and by the nutrition of the individual from distortions and addictions, to prepare then the body to receptivity and aware contact with its own feeling.

A balanced diet is able to reduce toxins and start the elimination of the accumulated wastes, in order to start from here, once the body has returned to its original balance, one’s specific right diet.

My aim is to dismantle an obsolete and totally wrong approach to nutrition, proposing detox dishes with intriguing tastes, explaining and describing the desired effects for a deep and durable nutritional comprehension.

Our alimentary canal, our inner channel, our earth-sky alignment is daily gone through by wastes, toxins, drugs and poisons, poor or poorly cooked food. How could one be surprised by contemporary society, if our kundalini channel, our bridge to perception and alignment, is by now reduced to a rubbish dump?
It’s time to listen once again to ourselves, it’s time to make our temple, the body, sacred… and if we treat it well it lasts for a lifetime.

what is the goal of SOL method: is to assist people in making food choices to aid to their physical and mental health – but also compassion towards other human beings, respect for other life forms and preservation of our planet Mother Earth. We are on the cusp of a worldwide food revolution and it’s time for us to take a bit of responsibility, open our hearts and our minds…and start to make a difference.