I was born and grew up in Milan. However, in the blood flows Sicily and Romagna, regions to which I owe the first scents of my memory. I worked at the Milan Polytechnic as an interior designer, and later as an interior yacht designer. At the same time I cultivate my passions: outdoor sports, travels in Europe and South America, cooking as a daily hobby and a healthy curiosity for the rediscovery of ancient and modern traditions and culinary stories.

I completed my studies in Trieste at a shipyard’s studio, a few months in Como before seizing the opportunity to go to Dubai for a Product designer friend.
The thing I remember most about Dubai is not the projects or the quintals of cement that I reluctantly read behind the lines of the CAD I drew, but rather the dinners that after a month of my arrival had become a pleasant habit at the home of friends.

I had often heard myself asked why I didn’t do it for work, but it was there that I considered it for the first time.

I go back to Italy to complete the macrobiotic course at Sanagola and enroll in the school for chefs at the Polytechnic School of Commerce, in the meantime I was organizing and cooking for event dinners and catering. In 2010 Santeria was born in Milan, and with her my experience in Santacucina. Four years of study / work, culinary laboratories, sold out challenges and experiences with the legendary Brigade of Via Palladini. In the four years of increasingly growing Santeria, my interest has turned to the holistic and curative aspects of food. The menus of the restaurant meanwhile take shape with my changes, the vegan cuisine section is expanded and articulated. But still there is something I miss, something I don’t know, or not enough. I greet the brigade at the end of May 2014 and start off on the spice route to India, in search of the oldest vegetarian culinary traditions. I spend a year of study travel between India, Nepal and Indonesia: the spice school, Ayurvedic culinary medicine, the traditional care of Tibetan cuisine, the brazen contamination of Balinese cuisine … I now understand Marco Polo’s amazement … I return to Europe with two clear points: the kitchen is today the strongest way of healing for the human being and sharing what I am learning is the strongest will in my life.

From April 2015 I live in Ibiza, a place that from the first moment I felt like home, where to put down roots and start building something. In June 2016 I started a collaboration with the Cicale restaurant as executive head chef of the Roots nutritional sustainability project.

From 2017 my energy is on fire in tasting dinners for perceptual change, food awareness events in collaboration with restaurants or private individuals and retreats for personal evolution. All this between Spain, Italy, Holland and California …
The project now is a method  and continues to expand with the aim of spreading and developing the new energy kitchen, fruit of the synthesis of the ancient oriental and european medical-culinary traditions.

Erika Tangari. Young rebel of the food industry, sees our world in need and acts upon it.There is no room for doubt. With her immense knowledge of food science combined with her broad, unique world view on the subject, her kitchen issustainable yet revolutionary.
She forms the vanguard with her cooks’ knife in hand: Human innovation, in order to allow the species to survive in relative harmony with the world it inhabits has to take place now. Food, what and most importantly how we eat is the arena for world change
Rest assured the taste, quality, look and experience of her food will seduce and enrapture your taste buds while blowing your soul as well as your mind. Refined, intricate, poetic, undefinable yet familiar is the journey of eating her food.
Her dishes are inimitable. Every dish comes from her connection to that group. The foundation is pure ingredients and their origin. The source, the specific methodology and the connection define the outcome.
Seeing or tasting her work, hearing her speak passionately, eating her food is being privileged to attend a magnificent performance. The flavours, the quality, the undeniable influence of Italian cuisine, the Indian kitchen essences and the finesse of Japanese cuisine combine in a dance of pure beauty, choreographed with visionary mastership.


Alea Kay